Residential buildings

Not only in a new building, but also in an existing house, which is often well insulated, ventilation is very important. If you don’t, the indoor climate will be poor in oxygen, damp and unhealthy. This can lead to health problems, for example. Moreover, there is a chance of condensation and mould. To prevent this, we offer various ventilation solutions at Airtech. Perfectly tailored to your home.

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Ventilation at home: increase your quality of life

Avoiding Problems

In a well-ventilated home, problems in terms of moisture and mold are kept to a minimum. Wood rot, vermin, peeling wallpaper or paint, … don’t stand a chance.


Correct ventilation has a favorable impact on your health. For example, is the humidity too high? Then symptoms of asthma and rheumatism can worsen, as can the amount of house dust mites.

Climate control

Supplement your ventilation solution with a temperature control with a multi-split air conditioning or VRF/VRV system? Our air conditioning units provide the necessary cooling during the hot summer months.

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