Cleanroom air ducts

Clean rooms are often rooms in hospitals, laboratories, etc. where it is important to avoid air pollution. So experiments and tests can take place without airborne particles (such as dust, for example) influencing tests. Thanks to Airtech, you are in control by creating a crystal-clear working environment. Thanks to a team that values speed and quality above all else.

Need a cleanroom specialist?

Are you looking for an experienced partner who can offer you a quality solution for the creation of a clinical (working) environment? Please feel free to contact us, we are at your service.

Cleanrooms: flawless thanks to Airtech


To create a controlled production environment, with a view to reliability and consistency, a lot of knowledge and expertise is needed. HVAC company Airtech, active since 1999, takes care of everything from A to Z. From design to installation. Depending on the requirements with regard to the production process, we provide suitable air treatment, perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes.

Avoiding Contamination

A clean working environment is crucial, especially for the most critical processes to run smoothly. Contamination is prohibited. A cleanroom ensures that your research can be conducted under the best possible conditions. Fine dust particles, fibres, micro-organisms, chemical vapours, … Airtech knows how to do it.


We are happy to look at the options tailored to your preferences. Choice of materials, techniques, etc. It is all carefully coordinated in such a way that a flawless cleanroom becomes a reality. Our experienced employees ensure a rapid implementation, whereby quality comes first. All necessary preparations are made to enable a smooth installation.

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