Air-conditioning deals with the air-conditioning of indoor spaces. Its use mainly consists of cooling and humidity control. This makes it possible to achieve a pleasant temperature, as well as clean and good air circulation. There is also the option of heating. In short: an air conditioner ensures an improved indoor climate.

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Choosing between a VRV/VRF system

Multi split

At Airtech there is a choice between a multi split and VRF/VRV system. The big advantage of a multi-split is that it can be cooled in an energy-efficient way. With this type, the indoor and outdoor units are disconnected from each other. That way you can install one outdoor unit with several indoor units.


The VRF/VRV system is very suitable for companies (offices, hotels, …) where the energy efficiency is preferably maximized. With such an arrangement, the building can not only be heated but also cooled (at the same time).

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