Air ducts PPS

For the transport of air flows with high temperatures, or substances that are very aggressive, an air duct made of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) is extremely suitable. Our experienced team is available for both production and installation. What’s more, we install everything neatly and on time. With an eye for detail.

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Why choose for PPS

Chemical resistance

PPS is a material with good resistance to chemicals, liquid fuels and lubricants. These air ducts are extremely suitable in, among other things, cleanrooms.

High temperature resistance

This plastic can withstand high temperatures of more than 200°C. Thanks to this property, the PPS air ducts have a fire-retardant effect. This way you can count on maximum safety.

Plastic: not only cost-effective

Despite the fact that PPS is affordable, the material is still very strong and stiff. Due to its form-retaining property, the material is often used for components in a cooling system

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