Air ducts PIR

PIR, or polyisocyanurate, is a hard synthetic foam that is mainly used for thermal insulation in the transport of air flows. The major advantage of a PIR air duct is the easy assembly due to the construction material being very light. You can come to Airtech for both the production and the installation of these PIR tubes. What’s more, our team will install everything neatly and on time

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Why choose PIR?


PIR is very lightweight allowing for easy installation and placement. Due to the sleek and light appearance, it provides a beautiful finish.


PIR air ducts are produced from thermally insulated material. Due to the insulating factor, it is often used in offices, for example.

Vapor tight

PIR is vapour-tight and therefore prevents condensation. This way, condensation and moisture from a room cannot get into the walls or ceiling.

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