Airtech: more than just an HVAC company specializing in ventilation

Since its establishment in 1999, Airtech has been responsible for the installation of ventilation systems, as well as the integration of air ducts and air conditioning in clean rooms, companies, flats and residential homes. Our service is not limited solely to the development of a complete HVAC system, but extends to the installation, which is carried out with extreme precision with an eye on the deadline. At Airtech, quality and speed go hand in hand.


With every HVAC project, our team provides a time efficient schedule to ensure that the delivery date can be met.


By using the best materials and meticulous installation, we ensure a quality system.

Thanks to Airtech’s many years of experience, you can count on a sound system, designed according to your needs and wishes.

Placement and installation

Airtech offers you the complete Starting from the design to the implementation. Both in companies, showrooms, hospitals, industrial buildings, private homes, … we create a pleasant indoor climate for everyone.

Thanks to our specialization and extensive knowledge in the field of air ducts, ventilation and air conditioning, we ensure that you can always count on good air quality. Our experienced team sets everything in motion so that the project is finished on time. Before the agreed delivery date. After all, at Airtech time is our specialization.


Enjoying a pleasant indoor climate?
In your company, building, home, ...