Stainless steel air ducts

For the transport of air flows involving chemical products, or strong products that are corrosive, an inox air duct is ideally suited. You can contact us for both the production and the installation of these stainless steel ducts. Our team installs everything, neatly within the predefined deadline

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As an experienced partner we offer you a quality solution for a stainless steel air duct. Please contact us, we are at your service.

Why choose stainless steel?


Inox is a stainless steel and requires little maintenance. As a result, stainless steel has a higher purchase price, but the material does not require an additional layer of lacquer.

Acid resistant

Stainless steel is resistant to acids and is therefore perfectly suitable in kitchens and laboratories where caustic products can be used.


Inox is a strong, durable and waterproof material that is not porous. As a result, the material lasts a long time and is virtually free of wear.

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