Ventilation systems ensure that fresh air continuously flows through the room. This avoids dust particles, moisture and harmful substances. This has a positive effect on your health as there are fewer bacteria floating around in the room. In short, ventilation is crucial for achieving a clean and healthy indoor climate.

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Choosing between ventilation system C or D

Ventilation system C

With ventilation system C, the ‘dirty’, used indoor air is mechanically removed and blown outside. Fresh air is then drawn in through grilles in windows or walls. Fresh air is often supplied via grilles in dry rooms. Just think of offices, desks, living rooms, … The discharge takes place via air vents in, usually, wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, … The big advantage of this system is that you can count on a natural supply of fresh air, combined with a demand-driven removal of polluted indoor air.

Ventilation system D

With ventilation system D, the supply of fresh outside air and the exhaust of used indoor air are completely mechanical by means of 2 fans. Unlike ventilation system C, there are no grids in walls or windows. Fresh outside air is drawn in through valves that are usually placed on the roof or in the wall. Just like with ventilation system C, the fresh outside air ends up in the dry areas such as living areas, desks, offices… In short, system D removes the used indoor air and the fresh outside air in a fully mechanical way.

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